Syria president points decree granting amnesty and decreasing sentences for sure crimes – JURIST

Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad issued a decree on Thursday (Legislative Decree No 36 of 2023) granting amnesty for sure crimes dedicated earlier than the decree was issued, topic to situations. Decide Muhammad Eid Baloza announced that 350 prisoners in Damascus have been launched below the decree as of Saturday.

The decree acknowledged that misdemeanors and violations will probably be pardoned. People struggling an incurable illness, people who turned 70 earlier than Thursday and juvenile offenders partaking in “correction and care measures” will probably be granted full amnesty. People who’ve been sentenced to dying will as a substitute face life imprisonment and people who are sentenced to life could have their sentence lowered.

People who won’t be granted amnesty embrace individuals whose crimes result in dying or severe damage, weapons or contraband smugglers and people fleeing from justice, until the fugitives flip themselves in inside 6 months.

In December 2022, al-Assad issued the Legislative Decree No. (24) of 2022, which granted a normal amnesty for crimes dedicated earlier than December 21. This amnesty included crimes of desertion and misdemeanors. Nevertheless, many Syrians who fled in the course of the 2011 war in addition to draft dodgers should face prosecution upon return in the event that they don’t flip themselves in.

The president has not launched his reasoning for this most up-to-date decree nor has there been a major public response.

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